CNN Illustrates Debate over Illegal Immigration with Families' Stories ...

¦Restaurant Owner
“Has to Wash a Dish”
¦Senator Abercrombie:
“Let's go for the whole enchilada”
“I came into the restaurant this morning and no one was there. There’s no food, no clean dishes… no customers! I have to risk my life to get Tomatoes!...
As he arrived to the Capitol building, Senator Abercrombie promises to find people to work on the fields for five times what they were paying Latino workers
¦Aliens and Illegal Aliens
¦Millions are gone,
Less Traffic!
UFO expert analyzes the internal organs of a Latino worker who died in tragic accident years ago. "The Illegal Alien Autopsy Secret Video" was sent to the media for exposure
Garbage accumulates on the city. There’s no health care, no teachers, no fruits or vegetables, no cleaning, no comedians… and, thank god, no traffic!...

The second highest box office in the history of Mexican Cinema in Mexico